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Welcome to Juban Baron Restaurant!

We are located at 81 Lynch Street, Appleton, WI 54911. We specialize in Japanese cuisine. We focus on anything to do with Japanese culinary skills.

If you are looking for a change in your diet and sample international cuisine in the Asian continent, this should be your next stop.

One unique thing about our restaurant is that you have a grill in the middle of your table. You get a taste of home food away from home; we are changing the norm from just service and giving you a chance to be part of the preparation process.

Don’t you feel good eating what you see prepared as you watch? That allows you to dictate the kind of spices and ingredients you want to be used in your meal.

Our work is to offer the service but your taste in our command.

Popular Dishes

Seafood BBQ




Welcome to Juban Restaurant. We have a wide variety of menus that you can choose from. We are extremely grateful that you choose to visit our restaurant website. We hope that you are glad that you make that decision.


The restaurant boasts of 10 years of existence in the US Market, although the franchise outlets have five years of presence in the hospitality industry market.

We started as a small restaurant on the same street, but we quickly moved to our current prices.

That shows growth and development in the business. We have 20 staff ready to handle your queries and serve you with the uttermost humility and professionalism.

We are an affordable japans restaurant serving the unique market in international cuisines. As Japanese leaving in the United States, you now have a chance to get homemade meals way from the comfort of your home.

We welcome all.

Our loyalty program comes in handy to appreciate our loyal customers.

Anytime you spend money on our restaurant, you accumulate points that you can redeem and use to get any of our services through the loyalty card.

You don’t have to be at the restaurant to enjoy our meals. You can still order online, and our delivery team will get it for you at your doorstep within no time.

Visit our website and get to acclimatize yourself with our offers that come in handy to ensure you enjoy excellent deals all the time.

The future is bright for our business. The high demand for our service means that the premise may not be enough to serve all customers.

We will be opening new outlets to make sure everyone enjoys the tasty and delicious Japanese food.

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