The History of Juban


"Juban", which translates to #10 in Japanese, recalls the barbecue aromas and fragrant scents of Yakiniku Restaurants in the 10th District of Azabu or Azabu Juban in Japan.


To bring the Yakiniku Experience from Japan to the Bay Area, Juban, Inc. was established in 1992 and Yakiniku House Juban in Burlingame was opened.


We sent our executive chef to Japan to study Yakiniku cooking at the most popular restaurants in Tokyo. He returned to design the recipes that are part of Juban's current success.


Our unique restaurant though traditional in nature is influenced by a modern contemporary approach. Replacing the ash and smoke-filled rooms from yesterday are our signature copper awnings and copper clad pillars which welcome you into a restaurant with lavish cherry wood walls, beautiful artwork which calms the soul, halogen lighting precisely placed to enhance your cooking experience and most importantly, smokeless centralized down draft grills, which allows you to cook your food to perfection!.