Enjoy The Art of Grilling



Juban is a Japanese Yakiniku Restaurant that is a fun place for all generations. You know how much fun it is to BBQ with your friends and family. At Juban, our smokeless centralized down draft grills allows you to BBQ your high quality beef, poultry, seafood and vegetables just the way you like it.


Order a glass, pitcher or bottle of one of our premium Japanese Beers, hot or cold sake, a glass of wine or try our shochu and shochu cocktails to enjoy with your meal. We also serve specialty non-alcoholic drinks such as our Strawberry or Mango Cremes, Juban Soda Punch and Very Berry Soda as well as Ramune and other non-alcoholic drinks for the young and young at heart.


Try our specially selected accompaniments, salads, soups and noodles to complete your lunch or dinner. All of our Kimchees and seasoned vegetables are house made and our sauces, marinades and dressings are made fresh daily. We do not compromise on our quality.


After your meal, try our famous "Honey Toast Mountain" or one of our other tasty desserts.







For reservations, please call (650) 473-6458