The services we offer

  1. Outside catering

Are you having a function and want to enjoy Japanese dishes. Why not get a quote and allow us to serve you, guests, to your satisfaction?

We offer outside catering services at an affordable fee. We aren’t limited to the area as long as it’s within the United States borders.

  1. In-service restaurant service

Like any restaurant, we serve you within minutes of your order. We value and appreciate our customers.

Get to enjoy our restaurant service and have fun as you grill or watch the grilling process. It is only in Juban Baron Restaurant that you get firsthand experience in an intimate in-service restaurant.

The waiters are within your eye view to ensure you are comfortable as long as you are within the restaurant premises.

  1. Online deliveries

When you feel you want to enjoy Japanese food at home, it’s time to get to our website and do an online order.

The delivery team will get to you as fast as possible, depending on your location. Let covid-19 not be a hindrance to enjoy our sumptuous meals.

  1. Loyalty programs

We don’t take your presence for granted. We want to reward you for being loyal. Why not register for our loyalty program service.

You will get a card with a chip that accumulates points, which you can turn to cash and enjoy a meal “free” of charge.

  1. Conference catering

If you have a conference and want to get a chance to treat your guests and attendees, we will be more than glad to serve you.

We have a specific package for the conference, a Japanese buffet with a particular interest in special meals to accommodate diversity in people’s tastes.

  1. Fine dining

Have you tried fine dining with Japanese cuisine? Try us and get to understand what it takes to have a high-end dining experience.

  1. Surprise treats

We have an exceptional treat service. Are you celebrating an anniversary or birthday, or engagement, and you want to surprise your loved one with a touch of Japanese culture and cuisine?

If you have no idea how this works, we are here to actualize your dream.

We are a restaurant with a difference. We guarantee you perfection and uniqueness in matters of hospitality and restaurant service.

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