About Us

The Founder

My name is Mindi C. Baron. As people may think I’m Japanese; I’m not one. I am an American with a passion for Japanese culture, including their cuisine.

On my first visit to Japan, I loved everything about their culture, lifestyle, and way of life. I felt that my people- I’m an American should also enjoy the right things.

I also thought that the high number of Japanese in the US must be missing the food and the uniqueness in the preparation process.

The idea of a grill in the middle of the table came because we opened a Japanese restaurant in a host country with a different cultural setup.

Our Statement


Juban Baron Restaurant is purely a Japanese restaurant specializing in everything about Japanese cuisine.

We want the United States community also to have a taste of Asian cooking in their homeland.

You don’t have to take a flight to Japan to enjoy their meals. We also want to give a chance to customers to have a feel of the cooking process.



We want to change the dynamics in the hospitality industry. We want to see more people accommodating new cuisines that aren’t the norm in their host countries.

We don’t want customers to imagine the preparation and everything that goes on behind the restaurant walls.

We bring the kitchen on the lounges to prove to customers the high preparedness level in preparing meals.

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+1 920 909 5297

Our Address

81 Lynch Street
Appleton, WI 54911