Do you like raw fish?  If so, you’re in for a treat. Sushi is delicious and perhaps the most popular dish of Japanese cuisine. Sushi tastes great, but it’s not for everyone – So keep an open mind when trying out new foods! You never know, your next favorite food could be waiting just around the corner. Also remember that eating too much of anything is bad for your digestion system so pick and choose wisely with sushi rolls! There are plenty of other options on the menu if you want something else instead.

Here are 7 things about sushi that will make it easier for you!   

1. There are three main types of rolls: maki (seaweed), temaki/hand roll (seaweed), or nigiri (fish on rice).

2. Sushi is usually made with raw fish – but not always.

3. Nigiri means “to grasp” or “to squeeze.” This refers to how nigiri pieces are shaped by pressing a piece of cooked rice into a mold then placing a slice of seafood on top before shaping it with one’s fingers.

4. The word sushi actually derives from an old Japanese word meaning ‘sour-tasting.’

5. Sushi is usually served with wasabi paste mixed with soy sauce

6. Nigiri-zushi consists of fish laid over rice

7. The word “sushipan” refers to dishes that are cooked or prepared using vinegar