Once considered to be from the Meiji Era in Japan, world connoisseurs rage over the dining technique of eating a century-old concept of Yakiniku. Yakiniku simply translated means "Yaki" - Grilled and "Niku" - Meat.
Japanese Yakiniku has its own unique style. Plates of bite-sized pieces of meat, seafood and vegetables are ordered a la carte to personally BBQ at your table. Just enjoy it as you like!
Traditionally, all ordered items are delivered together, you can order some of our house made pickled vegetables or other accompaniments to enhance your meal, have a salad while you grill to refresh your palate and try one of our noodles or soups as a finishing touch to your lunch or dinner.
You can create your favorite combination with our many varieties of dishes and you may find that you have a talent as a "Yakiniku Master".
Order We recommend 3 or 4 items for grilling per person.

Choose your favorite high quality meats, seafood, vegetables and side dishes from our menu and you are ready to begin to grill.
All BBQ items cook quickly.

Our thinly sliced meats are ready
in 30~60 seconds, flip meat once to preserve its juicy flavor.

For other items, 2~3 minutes per side, flipping them frequently.
Dip your grilled items in our signature dipping sauces.
Choose your favorite from Juban's Original Soy Sauce based Tare (pronounced ta-ray), our Garlic Sauce, our Authentic Japanese Miso Sauce or squeeze some fresh lemon juice to cool your BBQ and enjoy!
Have it the classic way!!

Try wrapping your yakiniku in "Sanchu" (crisp lettuce wraps),
add a little Miso Paste and some "Namuru" (four seasoned vegetables of blanched spinach, bean and soy sprouts and julienne style daikon radish).